Setting Out Engineer

The opportunity will involve demonstrating your ability at Didcot working as a site engineer working as part of a structured team.

You will report to the Project Manager/Engineer and will work alongside two site engineers for handover ahead of planned holiday cover.

Your role at Didcot will involve being self sufficient in planning your setting out duties ahead of live works, checks pre and post pour backed up with timely close out of associated quality paperwork.

Production of working and site co-ordinated drawings for services/temporary works and prefabricated build elements. Effective communicator with a solution driven approach and report to PE on technical issues and PM on delay and commercial risks and opportunities.

The project is open 12 hours and day and 7 days a week, work is allocated by the PM, completing mid August. To then move onto another project.

We are looking to add another candidate to a select group of site engineers/managers to develop their skill sets and career path in line with our business goals and values. We believe in promoting within the business, from the ground up, having proven technical and problem-solving capabilities, along with affective communication and accountability is key to the success of our business.

We offer a managed training scheme by our HSEQ manager to assist in you achieving your goals and our Construction Director will provide immediate and periodic direct mentorship.

These successful engineers will be the Construction Directors people to mentor new site engineers in the business moving forward and will therefore progress up the ladder themselves in a structured way so that when proven capabilities and accountability has been demonstrated we will invest trust in them to manage their own teams on their own project for the business.

Workshops and mentoring identified in line with the business goals include:

  • Efficiencies in build methodology and the engineering requirements to achieve this on-current and future projects.
  • Management of the project quality and handover process.
  • Construction phasing, programming, and resourcing.
  • Preconstruction Tender Programming.

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